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Vaginal Bleeding Specialist

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Unexpected vaginal bleeding may not always be a cause for concern, but in some cases, especially if the bleeding is heavy, it can signal a serious condition. The doctors at Martin, Lee & Page OBGYN in Memphis, Tennessee, recommend a medical evaluation for any unexpected vaginal bleeding, particularly if it happens when you’re pregnant, too young to have a period, or in menopause. If you’re experiencing unexpected vaginal bleeding, call or schedule an appointment online right away.

Vaginal Bleeding Q & A

Why am I bleeding outside of my period?

Bleeding from the vagina every 21 to 35 days for up to a week is normal and healthy during your reproductive years. However, you may occasionally “spot,” or bleed outside of your normal menstrual cycle. In most cases, light spotting is not a cause for concern, particularly if you are:

  • Just beginning your period (teen or pre-teen)
  • Just starting a chemical birth control method (e.g., the pill)
  • Perimenopausal (approximately ages 35 to 50)

What causes unexpected vaginal bleeding?

A number of both serious and benign conditions can cause vaginal bleeding, and you should always consult with your doctor if you experience any unexpected bleeding.

Underlying conditions that may cause vaginal bleeding include:

  • Cancer of the vagina, ovaries, cervix, endometrium, or uterus
  • Endocrine abnormalities, such as hyper- or hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and other reproductive issues
  • Infections, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Medical conditions, such as celiac disease and Von Willebrand disease
  • Medications and devices, including IUDs, forgotten tampons, birth control withdrawal, and tamoxifen
  • Noncancerous growths and conditions, including fibroids, polyps, and adenomyosis
  • Sexual abuse

What should I do if I experience unexpected vaginal bleeding?

If you’re bleeding outside of your normal period, don’t try to treat it yourself. A quick visit to your gynecologist can allay your fears and give you the answers you need.

You should call your doctor immediately if you experience unexpected bleeding and are:

  • Pregnant or suspect you could be pregnant
  • Bleeding heavily
  • Dizzy or lightheaded
  • Feverish
  • In pain (either stabbing pains or constant pain)
  • Bleeding more each day or continuing to bleed after seven days
  • Postmenopausal (one year after your last period)
  • Prepubertal (under age 8 or no other signs of puberty)

Your doctor at Martin, Lee & Page OBGYN treats most causes of vaginal bleeding and can also refer you to a specialist, if needed. Call now or set up an appointment online.